Mike's "Post Traumatic", Album Out Now!


No, the $7.99 is the membership cost to Apple Music, it’s a monthly fee that allows you to play whatever music you want, its access to almost any album etc etc
It allows you to download music for offline listening but it saves the files some other way where you cannot see them in your files at all
If Apple Music is canceled then all that gets wiped out and you’re left with anything you own through iTunes the old way


Have you tried revelaing hidden folders?


I think it saves them within the app or idk


Meerhhh, thanks for trying though :slight_smile:


I hope he comes back for another European round :crossed_fingers:


So still no LP then?


Probably not, or maybe in the second half of 2019 or so


maybe the other 4 will join him sometimes like phoenix did or joe in LA


2 more songs will be released but up to now only if you buy the vinyl :sob: :sob:


Wow that’s new. I thought Mike was never a bonus songs type of artist. Nevertheless looking forward to this



What’s that for? :thinking: Another special edition? :star_struck:


No idea! If you are referring to the question about photos with Mike, it might be! I’m curious to see what will come of it


Something big is being announced tomorrow. Lots of rumours here and there and now this:

(Sam is the editor for Kerrang!)


You guys :smiley:

I hear nothing, you are coming to the London show with us @the_termin8r.


@rickvanmeijel @theearlywalker @gatsie @lilyope @DavidZinssler and everyone else who I have probably forgotten


I’m going to the show in Paris!! No wayy! :grin:


I can’t believe how many Germany dates he has.


I’m considering the London one, don’t know if I want to wait in line again for 9h though. And who’s ‘us’?


@lpfan61 I’m so sorry! I thought I tagged you! I knew I missed someone important!


Awww!! Thank you for saying I’m important! :blush: no prob dear! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: