Mike's "Post Traumatic", Album Out Now!


It would be great if he visited, but I don’t think we have much of a fan base here


And Tel Aviv does? :sweat_smile:


Probably more than us though. I feel like I am the only one here :joy:


:scream: :frowning:
I think they count the requests they have on web or something…


No way! There’s gotta be more :smile:

I doubt it. Usually artists get booking requests from theaters or festivals. Artists rarely choose the countries themselves


:sweat_smile: I don’t know anything about those stuff…lol
Thanks for explaining :smile:


I think they’ll go to Tel Aviv because the drummer is from Israel and he probably has a good renown there too. So it’s two famous artists in one concert. :blush:


Good point, forgot about his heritage


wish I was there. I always miss the show. I travel a lot and as far as I can remember I miss everything by so little.


May be if next time he comes near Bulgaria, I will have a chance to see and listen him LIVE


The concert in Tel Aviv is in March… :grin:

:thinking: don’t know… check in his site if there’s something around you… :smile:


Yes, I know, but thanks for trying to help.
What I meant was that my work takes to different places and each time (for the last 10 years) I worked for just a few months on projects all over Europe (and Tel Aviv was last time). And every time just as I return home, a concert is held just closely to the place I used to work.
This happened 4 times, so far. Bad luck, I guess. But I still hope, one day I will be in the right country at the right time.


Oh I didn’t know… :sweat_smile: then hopefully next time you’ll be lucky! :blush: :muscle:


Thank you, my friend :smile:

I go wherever there are cherries and universities that work with plants.


I don’t believe I’ve seen you before. Welcome to the LPU!


Are there any guys from Europe that ordered the Limited Edition version of PT (with 2 new tracks) and still did not get it?