Mike's studio news!


Mike just reported, how are things going in the studio. If you missed it, here is a link.

Everything Mike said, makes me curious. I’m very suprised, that they are jamming now! I mean, they never did that before, right? Maybe Chester brought that in from STP. What do you thing about Mikes report?


Wow this is wonderful news! I am more than pumped! I like there new approach; jamming and self-produced. I like that at energetic, finding order in chaos and order. I am very interested and curious. Supposedly the album was to be released by June, as Mike said. If it does a single should be released in March or April. But you never know. I am pumped!


Releasing a single in spring would be cool. I’m also curious if there will be LPTV episodes, that shows the band jamming in the studio.


That would be cool to see!


I think we will get a lot more updates in the next month or two. Can’t wait.