Mike's twitter DP - anything new coming up?


Saw this aWeSoMe picture in Mike Shinoda’s twitter DP today and it is amazing !
Is there anything new coming up soon ??? Curious man [cool]
Look @ the LION face hidden in that [geek]


Looks cool :slight_smile: we’ll c soon.


yea it really is cool and its so much better than the one picture he had… lo mshinoda :3


[quote=28thART]Looks cool :slight_smile: we’ll c soon.


that is cool


thats super awesome
and nice touch indeed of the animal head


what pic says still a mystery !


Somehow the picture reminds me to a “Phoenix from the ashes”.


So that desing was specially did for Shinoda to use it on Twitter (I suppose)… Because in the album there’s just a half of the same lion.


Hella clean!


Maybe it’s the new cover for the acapellas and instrumentals they are releasing??


oh yeah… maybe, we never know what surprise Mike brings all of a sudden ! [smile]


That picture can be seen in 2013 Australian tour poster [smile]


Maybe it’s cover for next single from Living Things or live DVD (CD) :))))


yeah looks like that and poster looks amazing :slight_smile:


Check this out :)))


I guess we all know now its the inverted coloured cover for the LIVING THINGS vinyl.