Minerals - The Unity Of Us


So time to talk about the next project

This time we will ALL going to come up with a song name, the type of song (metal, rock, nu-metal, soft, etc) and we will vote and go from there


I would also would like to welcome
@jessicarister to the team


I’d like it to be a nu-metal song. With rap verses. :smiley:


In fact some songs I cannot tell if it is for rapping or what.


Don’t Forget

Add your Song Title


Some of the songs we’ve written so far have long verses that could be rap verses, really.
But it depends on the rapper to actually use the verses and make them work.

Would be nice to actually try write a song that is recordable? Just for fun? :smiley:
We’ve got a few musically gifted people here who can mix up a nice beat and some vocalists too, so…


To follow the rules of this thread, here’s my choice:

Type of song: Nu Metal/Rap
Song title: Minerals


I don’t mind lending my vocals just to show you how I feel a song should go in terms of lyrical flow

But that being said i can’t sing for s**t


I sing in a church band :innocent: Used to rap too… But I can’t produce beats for shit :joy:


Song name: Chaos in my mind
Genre: rap


Name: Black swan

Genre: Nu metal with rap (like In the end)


I have an idea in my head that sounds like it may be the start of a song. I’ll need to write it out first and I’ll post it here so we can form an opinion on what exactly I came up with.

I always liked two words for songs:

Chaos and Closure


We tend to set a line per person and then another does pre chorus and another them main chorus.


@the_termin8r is right @jessicarister

But i am happy if the rest is happy to see what you come up with

My title: No Getting Rid of Me
Style: Rap/Nu Metal


I’m cool with that.


Sometimes when writing a song, the chorus can end up becoming the first verse of a completely new song. And sometimes when you’ve written multiple songs, it can be interesting to toy around with lines from each of those songs to create a complete new song.

Fun times. Curious what the result will be :slight_smile:


@gatsie, @the_termin8r, @acemasters I don’t even know if it is a song. My next burst of free time I’m going to write it out. I’ll post it on here tonight.


Anything can be turned into a song :slight_smile:


even things in a jeep :wink: :joy:


Best song ever! :stuck_out_tongue:


@gatsie, @acemasters, @rickvanmeijel, @the_termin8r, @samuel_the_leader
Ok, it turned out to be pretty short, so it may very well be a song. I don’t know. I was able to gain some extra free time to type it up earlier than tonight. It was named Music’s Child , but the title of course can be changed. Here it is:

You came to me when I was very young as a light in my time of darkness.
You brought to me a gift that nobody has or ever will bestow
For that I love you so.

I hear your prophets of song sing above my screams of despair. I am older now, completely emerged in you. I sing with you. Dance with you. Become one with you.
Loving you was the best thing that happened to me.

As others take you away from me, I slip back into my darkness. I can barely see you anymore. The screams are getting louder. I feel my life force slip away. My soul cried, "CAN ANYONE HEAR ME!"
My love is dying.

( This part is about LInkin Park) One day on a hot summer’s day I was riding in the back of a car. I heard your serene angel scream, radiating within me, turning me into myself again. I fought for you and with you, becoming music’s child.

I love you for making me the fighter that I am today.

Thank You

Ok, what the hell did I just write? Lol


Name: Darkness

(I’m really bad with names)

Genre: rock and rap would be cool!