Missing LPU M&G photo from St.Petersburg!


We’re wondering, where is our group photo with the band?? It’s been almost 2 weeks since our show. All other photos from European tour are already posted.
How long does it usually take to post it?


Hey, it’s been more than 2 weeks since the show. All russian LPU members, who were at m&g in St.Petersburg are wondering:
C’mon! It doesn’t take THAT long to upload the photo on the website (the rest of the photos from european tour are there already, one of them is even twice!). I do this all the time.
Dear LPU, can u, PLEASE, kick photographer’s ass and make him finally post it!

From russian LPU with love!


20min :slight_smile:


You got the group pic in St Petersburg? Lucky!


Yes. [cool]


Yeah, we got it, but we haven’t SEEN it yet…that’s the problem


why no group photo in Odessa ? =\

i’m sad.


Where is our photo!?!!! http://t.co/6GkhbROR


Confirmation that the photo was indeed!
Photo with Linkin Park in St. Peterburg http://t.co/vsauU0y3


I’ve asked Jim Digby on twitter about it and that’s what he said today:
"@8mm_sky should be up now, we think we found the error"
But there’s no pic again. Maybe they’re still fixing it?


Waiting… =s


I think there’s nothing else left to do. =\


I hope we will see the photo soon.



I am really looking forward to see the group photo. I hope they’ll upload it soon! The audio of the show is up for sale now, but it takes them so long to share this picture with us? I find it weird.


This photo would be the best present for my tomorrow’s birthday, waiting!


And still nothing. I wonder…


Waiting… … …[cry]


Maybe someone should ask Jim Digby again? Or Adam, for example.


And… we’re still waiting… [confused]


None of them did not answer me = (