Mission Impossible


I did not won, not yet st lest :crazy_face:


And you have a stupid 10 tag limitation here


Ah ok

Then the mission is still the carrot one, right?

:thinking: :crazy_face:

A carrot is orange, the sheets are white, I take a tiny bite on it and use the carrot directly to write!! Yaaaay! :tada: :tada: :crazy_face:

Yeah, it’ll result a bit light,but who cares??! It’s not mentioned in the mission!! Muahahahaha!!! :tada: :joy: :rofl:


That’s what I was looking for. lol


Wooow! So I won!! Yaaay!!! :tada:
Ok, thinking something and posting asap… :grin:

EDIT: mission: you have to go out with your car…from a veeeery difficult blocked parking place…
Example :point_down: (the white suzuki)


  • you are alone
  • there aren’t other drivers around nor the owner of the black Peugeot (for example!)

Waiting with muuuuch curiosity your replies! :crazy_face:


So true

You stole my award! :joy: Let’s see if I can solve the problem of that poor suzuki…
Well, seen forward it, there is nothing I choose to go ahead and set it free


Go find 2 jacks on wheels, jack the car in front of you and move it.


:thinking: not bad… yeah,you can do alone… :grin: :tada:


As I’ve just passed my driving exam my solution would be to sit down and cry. :rofl:


Hahaha :joy: @anomalia i can see you, sitting in the car :joy:

Okay, so @the_termin8r is next again?


:speak_no_evil: :joy:

Yes :crazy_face:


@birdy1989 Beware you may really see me driving soon

Move over, everybody!


Since you’ve passed your exam, im sure you’d do great and i will feel completely safe driving next to you :wink:


Somebody new go next.


I do that everyday​:joy::joy::joy:

Alrighty keep it alive… i just came seeing a tag from new topic lol .

Want a challenge then will give not that bad. Sleep 12 hours someday soon hehe :sweat_smile:


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: since when do you drive?? :triumph:

Jk just kidding!!! :joy: :hugs: :hugs: :heart:


Now that’s called reading fast and reading wrong :joy::joy::joy: i didn’t see car :joy:

You have to go out… With a very different blocked place :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well still that’s true. It happens everyday tho I don’t drive the car, i sit behind :stuck_out_tongue:


Good girl! :grin: :hugs: :hugs: :heart: :hugs:


I guess I got it. More or less.
You’d like to check what’s up on the Lpu forums.

You are on an uninhabited and uncivilized (no power) island in the middle of nowhere. Your telephone got discharged (whatever - no civilization = no Wi-Fi & no other transmission)


Id train a pidgeon to fly away with a letter which says “please let me know what’s been said on the LPU forum lately. Send it back with this pidgeon. Oh and please feed my pidgeon before sending him back”. And then i hope the pidgeon returns…