Mobile version of the site


Whenever I access the forums on my computer I see the buttons that allow you to bold, add a link, etc. Those are fantastic and I enjoy the emoji icons :smile: I’ve noticed on the mobile version they aren’t there. I noticed the upload a picture link, but that is all I see. I see that I can “use Markdown or BBCode to format” so I get that you can just type in the command for bold and everything else, if you know what it is. I spend most of my time accessing this site through the mobile version and to be completely honest, I’m not proficient in coding to format my posts or add any of the huge amount of emoji icons that are available on the desktop site.

I guess what I’m saying and asking for is an easier/better posting experience on the mobile version of the site by adding the bar that is above the text box on the desktop version.

The majority of the website on my mobile device is good, but it feels like I’m getting a lesser experience when I’m posting, and also when trying to get back to (there is still no button to click to get back to the main site on the mobile version like there is on the desktop version).


I noticed that “Back to Linkin Park” thing shows up as the page loads, but disappears once it’s loaded. Until they add the buttons (if they do), you can use the desktop site on mobile, there’s a link in the menu in the top right


Yeah but whats the point of having a mobile version if I have to switch to the desktop version?


OK, I’m suppressing this CSS header on mobile until it actually works. No need to have it when it never shows.

(It was identical to the desktop CSS for the header so nothing is lost… we can copy it back over when it’s fixed.)