Moderators back




Moderator, even just one, Derek, is BACK…this brings me one step further from the edge) thanx @mike and @LPUHQ if XV gos now on like this, I feel very good, safe and lookin fwd with


It’s nothing new, really. The moderators have a long history of inactivity, or otherwise lurking.

I figure, with the approaching launch of a new LPU year, they’ll be hanging around almost-routinely for a while.


hopefully they´ll stay, I got my own experience to handle heavy situationss and they happen stm, maybe that´s the sign for us soldiers for the following lpuxv, may I ask you a question? @lp13413?


Ask away, sir


I ask you to get a feeling for it and I thin k you´re mostly objektive:
As american native speaker, how do you grade my english here on the forums? be honest please, lol


ot I´m a M´am


Haha, I know, I just wanted to get past that damn character limit. Your English has been fine! Very easy to understand.

Even if your English isn’t 100% accurate, you’re in a community that’s full of people who can understand and fill in any blanks you’re trying to say.



are you going to bed now? I still standing up…bathrooms calling, what time is it in your timezone


Do you understand this then?
I don’t know which one she spelt with an “i”, still spelt wrong
LIke @The_early_walker said it herself:

(Obviously students do their best when they are being graded)


Professional Lurker here, can agree.

I log in routinely but hardly contribute anymore. I do answer any private messages sent, so if you need anything hit me up.

I will be active during this launch and most likely will fade back to lurking as it’s just not so active here and the regulars understand forum etiquette for the most part.



Yes, the regulars, me I´m such one, knew mostly how to behave with each other, but I think it would be good if even the “lurky lurkers”
give some spirit and post into the forums, to keep it alive!