Monthly LPU Chat Meetup: Newbies and Chat Regulars – Time To Party!


Hey LPUers,

LPUXIII was launched 3 months ago. Many of you have been LPU members for years, others just joined. We all share the same passion: Linkin Park, but beyond that, we have forged new friendships with other LPU members and “newbies” might have a hard time entering this inner circle.

We think, it’s about time to have a chat party! Let’s get to know each other! All LPU members are invited to join the LPU chat on February 26th, Wednesday, at 9pm German time (12pm PST).

Those chat parties will be a monthly affair so make sure to check (or @lpfancorner on twitter) again for the next date and time. Every party will cater to a different time zone, so everyone can join one.

We can’t wait to meet you!


Really liked the idea!
I’ve been a LPU member for a year, and I didn’t had a opportunity like that, to get to know other members!
I’ll be there tomorow!! [smile][biggrin]


Awesome idea! But give us a few days notice so we are free.


Very cool idea, I hope this catches on!