Montreal M&G Email


Out of curiosity, how soon after the lotto closes do you typically get an email if you won? Going to the Montreal show on Wednesday and that shows lotto ended last night. No email as of yet so I’m just wondering if I shouldn’t have my hopes up of getting an email.



If you win, you’ll probably get the email tomorrow.
Edit: Actually, looking back at my m&g confirmation email, winners will get notified probably Tuesday. They usually go out day before the show.


Alright, well I’ll just keep mashing that refresh button and checking my email like a crazy person :v:

Thanks for the insight!


i keep checking mine too!! GL! i entered both Montreal and Toronto :laughing:


Here’s hoping :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Just got my email!! I’m in disbelief


me too!!! ahhh!! complete shock! i couldn’t even eat dinner :joy: i was too in shock to be shocked while watching a horror movie :rofl:


I just got mine too!!! Unreal. But now I’m wondering how it will work since there’s no seat for the show so I’m assuming I’ll be stuck in the back for the show (also dunno how I’ll be able to find my bf cuz he is not in the meet and greet)


Will probably be farther back, but I’m cool with that trade off, haha!

So excited! Glad you guys got emails too!


im in the same boat. i told my husband that we’d be separated for a bit but i would text him when it was over to see where he is. i love Metropolis (MTelus) not a bad seat in the house!


I’ve never been to that venue. I’m also very short so hopefully I’ll be able to find my him and be able to see something :joy:


Im so excited for everyone !


Congratulations to all the Montreal winners!

I know this is a post for Montreal M&G, but I just won a M&G for the Toronto show and I am beyond excited!! i can’t even focus on all my assignments and homework that I have to get done today! I still can’t believe it!


congrats!! i’ll be heading to Toronto from Montreal thursday morning :grin:


The show is AMAZING!!

I’m still in disbelief about the whole night. Truly incredible! Thank you Mike, Ana, and the rest of the amazing crew too!

Huge shoutout to all the LPU fam I met last night. You guys are the best and are the reason I love this fan base soooooooo much.


Agreed! It was an unreal show and loved every moment! Meeting the LPU fam made it even more special (and made all the waiting around much more fun!) LP fans are definitely the best!