Montreal Show Group


I have been a fan since Hybrid Theory was released and at 47 am going to attend my first LP show. Previously, life in all its fun permutations would get in the way of attending a show. Not so this time. Tired of watching vids while working out, going to see the real thing and totally psyched!

Managed to score pretty decent seats in the pre-sale. Was a bit surprised to see them on sale at 10:30 and were it not for a kind soul here, I would have waited until 1PM and been a bit disappointed.

Hoping folks who are going to the Montreal show might be able to meet up before the show. I am coming from Northern, VT and might like parking advice too :slight_smile:


Hi !
This is the 4th LP show I will be attending in Montreal this summer :slight_smile:

If you feel comfortable with bus and/or subway, I would definitely recommend you to use it! The parking lot in The Centre Bell and around is a huge mess, there is always a lot of traffic there. Plus, there’s a subway station right under The centre Bell, so it is super convenient.

You can get more informations here (about some free parking lot to leave your car, ticket prices…):

See you in Montreal in august :slight_smile:


This will be my fourth linkin park concert but first in Montreal. I can’t wait for the concert and buy the tour tshirts!! The venue is really nice. Easy to get to too by metro. I don’t think it’ll be easy to find free parking nearby cuz it’s all commercial buildings around. If you don’t mind paying for parking that is.

I’ve been obsessed with them since the song “one step closer” came out and mike has his fire red hair. Tho their music changed quite a bit over the years, I ain’t mad. To be honest I don’t think I wouldn’t have enjoyed it if they just make 7 versions of “hybrid theory”.


My tickets came today! That was rather fast! See you all there!