More dates for the Linkin Park Hunting Party Tour?


I have a question about Linkin Park’s Hunting Party Tour. Will Linkin Park be adding new tour dates anytime soon? They are not covering much of the west coast so far except California. I happen to live in Boise, Idaho. Is there anywhere close to Boise where Linkin Park will eventually plan on touring like Portland, Oregon, or Salt Lake City, Utah.


I thought I read (either on Mikes instagram or Twitter) that there will not be anymore tour dates added and to book your flight. I think it was his instagram. Hopefully things will change and they will add some more dates.


They won’t add any other dates. They’ve said it already in a bunch of interviews. Reason is simply because they played a lot of west coast cities during the summer they’re focusing on the east coast and cities they’ve never or ust a couple times played.