More user friendly website


the account opening and navigation through the website is very difficult. so i request u to make it more user friendly


Unfortunately, we can’t change the site. Try to contact FDSupport :
If you need any help with the site usability , feel free to write it here :wink:
You can also try contacting Lorenzo Errico via Twitter

And here is a link about site feedback here, on LP Forum)


What are your issues? Maybe we can show ya how we trickntreat the navigation … and invite you to become an insider :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t see the forum changing at all, because all Discourse forums are basically the same, as for the main website, things will probably be switched up with LPU16, which is coming next month, so I would wait until then to request any major changes to design


u r all right
"theearlywalker" i would really like too bcome an insider but not right now coz i hve 2 get some things off of my plate,like right now