Most aggressive Linkin Park song?


What do you believe the most aggressive Linkin Park song is?


letter or sound?

victimized, given up, no more sorrow…
Hard to choose one. I want to see the next answers.


Given Up and QWERTY came to mind at first, but I think One Step Closer, because it feels like the screaming is more aimed at someone than someone else, yelling to get someone to shut up, opposed to just yelling about a situation


Given Up & One Step Closer, with the latter winning the contest hands down. While “Given up” seems more mature, I still think One Step Closer is plain and simple in conveying others to SHUT UP!!!

(This answer is a bit biased too, as One Step Closer is a great song)


Aggressive in what sense? Like, OSC, Faint and APFMH are aggressive as in yelling at someone but Given Up and Wastelasnds or Rebellion for example are musically aggressive.


We have a common music in all the reviews here. Given Up, second comes OSC.
But I still think that No More Sorrow is a very aggressive music


Not surprised to see a lot of mentions towards older material. Personally I think QWERTY and (with regards to the chorus) A Line In The Sand are certainly up there.


Surprised no one said War from The Hunting Party yet!


I think hit the floor is way aggressive


Songs like One Step Closer and Keys to the Kingdom are acceptions but for me it would be Given Up. Not only because of how long Chester can scream for in the bridge but also because he is demanding to PUT ME OUT OF MY F***ING MISERY!!!


Given Up was the first song I thought of so I’ll go with that


Given Up and Qwerty hands down man ><


Given Up, Rebellion (that guitar and drums!), War, A Line In The Sand, OSC, Qwerty…


1.- QWERTY - Underground 6.0
2.- Given up - MTM
3.- One Step Closer - HT
4.- War - THP
5.- No more Sorrow - MTM
6.- Victimiced - LT
7.- By Myself - HT
8.- A place for my head - HT
9.- Keys to Kingdom - THP
10.- Guity All the Same - THP
11.- A line in the Sand - THP
12.- Don’t Stay - Meteora
13.- Runaway - HT
14.- Figure.09 - Meteora
15.- Lying from you - Meteora


Victimized higher than ALITS or KTTK? Seems legit…


Now I have to ask you, what are you defining as “aggressive”?
I am unable to comprehend few of the songs that you have mentioned as aggressive at all. I guess you may have brought a different angle to the discussion.


one step closer

those came up to my mind first


From Hybrid Theory: By Myself
From Meteora: Figure.09
From Minutes to Midnight: No More Sorrow
From A Thousand Suns: Wretches and Kings
From Living Things: Victimized
From The Hunting Party: War


most aggressive song to date:


LOL That is totally the most agressive song :laughing: