MS Paris 09.03.2019


I just found out that “Coco bans” will be the support act in France:


@mclouet @Lilyope @callmeanne @kimims2010 @sforreal @cissoye @OneMoreLight2017 Are you going to the Mike’s show in Paris together? Can I join you?


Any news about meet and greet?


Maybe going with @mclouet & @Lilyope if they want to :yum: (and everyone is welcomed I guess :stuck_out_tongue:)
As we did in August, a Whatsapp or-a-somewhere-else group could be a great idea to deal with : what do we do for the show as well as to contact each other the Day D (so soon :heart_eyes::sob:)


Of course, you can join us and of course we can go there all together @callmeanne ! For the hour of meeting i would like to go there at 14h or 15h (for the merch and maybe if there is nobody in the queue going drinking a soda somewhere before the show.

But it depends on the result of the meet and greet too. :blush:


I Will miss you Girls ! @callmeanne @Lilyope, you Will explain the details heeee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: was really great Last time


I will miss you toooo! Same for you about the details :grin::hugs::hugs::hugs: I can’t waiiit


Yes I Will but for you D Day seeing mike is very very soon… We still have two weeks more to wait…


Hi. What’s is group name in WhatsApp please?


C’est où la réunion? Where is the meeting?


We are in the line ! We need to have your number if you want to come in the whatsapp group! You can send me your number on my email


My number is 0698119783.


Done :blush:


Found this video on twitter. Good time to remember. :blush: