Music and life


Have you ever wondered what impact on your life, this is what music you listen to? And what gives you the music?


Music gives me pleasure, even when I sad or happy.


[quote=Paneska]Music gives me pleasure, even when I sad or happy.


i dont think i would be able to live happy without music
even though i havent really ever been happy in these 20 years
music is just like magic to me, … gives me hope and it makes you love things you never even thought you would be able to love


Well, the world is full of music. But it’s up to me, to choose which songs I want to go with. The music, that I choose to surround me, it’s like a small athmosphere, that nobody else have, because nobody else listen to exact the same stuff like me. So it’s like my little own world and it’s reflecting my feelings and moods. For me, music is very important and I can’t understand, when people let be filled up with the monotony of the common broadcasting stations.

Of course I listen a lot to LP stuff. Almost every day :slight_smile: But I’am also on search for new artists or new albums, that I don’t know yet. It’s just exciting to explore new music. Yesterday for example, I’ve got a new follower on twitter. And I saw, that he’s a musician. So I searched for his music and wow! It’s realy good! World is so uncomplicated some times. You can see it just here, inside LPU. Music connects people from all over the world, from all classes and all religions.


I luv all types of music and bands but when it comes down to it LP is my top choice it’s n my blood music to me is my stress release I could b having the worst day and all I gotta do is put my earbuds n drown out everything and every1 and my day is better jus yesterday I did that it was my dads four yr anniversary of his passing and the way I delt with it was listen to my music I could not picture my world without it tv yes but music hell no \m/