Music for Relief Fundraising



I’m trying to raise money for Music for Relief and wanted to know if you guys wanted to donate money, I am trying to raise £100,000 to help victims of natural disasters and reduce climate change, the page link will be put up here in about a week as I am still sorting out final details.

All money will go directly to MFR. If we raise more than £100,000 then I might ask LP if they want to be part of a Benefit concert for the highest fundraisers.

Thank you.

Pleas don’t say anything bad guys, I know its a long stretch, but I am leaving it open until the end of November next year.





I am with ya, tell me how it goes on…this project - :blush:


That’s just not gonna happen. Even if you ask Lorenzo or Lulu to promote it, I highly doubt the band will be involved.