Music that plants trees and protects forests



if you’re interested in music, care about the environment and you would love to combine these things: Have a look at my project called “SoundPlanting”.

I plan to have my first album out in march. That album will be called “Healing green” and intends to plant trees and protect forests.
For more information visit my website:


Lp has music for relief! Thanx Anyways soldier!


It’s No Rain by Blind Melon


Yeah, that’s right. Music for Relief is one of the projects that inspire me to contribute my energy for nature and a more conscious world with SoundPlanting (

Together is the way up:)


there we are on a very common ground, Dude! :smiley:


I like the idea of this project. I’ll definetly check it out.


Thanks for your support!
I’ve just uploaded a first preview of my upcoming album: