Musicians in YOUTUBE


There are many people starting their carrier on Youtube first. Do you have favourite one? I really like one guy making original acoustic music with his family and friends - Noah Gundersen.That’s one song from him live


i like chester see
i heard him sing couple of times
he is good
not as good as chester Bennington though :smiley: haha obviously

i especially like the song with chester see in it featuring nigahiga


I don’t have a favourite artist on youtube. Except LP of course :wink: But just yesterday, I’ve got a new follower on twitter. He’s a musician and I found this video of him on youtube. It’s very good. If you like Radiohead, you are gonna be happy with it.!


Dumbfoundead, Traphik, Eppic, DeStorm, Alex G, Kina Grannis…those are just a few i like…lol