My 1st LP concert cancelled


Alright, well where do i start?

Ofcourse like everyone here, i love Linkin Park. I’m 18 now and their music is what i grew up listening to on almost a daily basis. I mean, anytime they would come out with something new, i would be the happiest kid on earth.

I always wanted to go to one of their concerts my WHOLE life but there would always be something that came up. (Money, didnt have a ride, etc.) Once i heard that they were going on tour with rise against in Pittsburgh, i made sure i bought the tickets, cleared my calendar, and made sure nothing was in the way for this concert. ( Not to mention it was my first concert ever )

I was so excited. I felt like it was 5 years waiting for this day to come. I even joined the street team and spent a good amount of time wondering around Pittsburgh for hours promoting the band by putting up posters and spreading around fliers. I was also even going to go to the meet and greet on the day of the concert!! I cant even say the amount of time that i just sat in my room thinking of what i wanted signed.

I cant explain how pumped i was for this concert. I had every song they ever made memorized to a tee and i couldn’t even comprehend the thought of actually seeing the band i listen to everyday. I honestly can say i’ve only been this excited for things a couple times.

… and then the bad news. The concert was cancelled tommorow. D:

Buy hey! All in all Chester’s health comes first and I hope he has a full recovery!


Maybe because Chester is sick? I understand that it’s such a disappointment. Will there be another date when they repeat it?


Yeah, he had some type of leg injury. I really hope they reschedule it!


He can’t walk because his ankle is broken. That’s not very good for the singer of a band. :wink:


I understand it’s a disappointment but their health comes first. It’s better they cancelled the shows so Chester can rest some and cooe better in later shows than cancel the entire tour. Plus, they always make up for lost shows so they’ll be back


I am hoping they don’t cancel Greensboro 1/28. But I totally understand if they do. Chester’s health comes first and foremost. That is really all I am worried about at this point.


I know it’s disappointing, but I think this waiting is exactly what will make your next show exciting. I hope you get rescheduled soon.
Also, Best wishes for Chester.


feel bad for you, and for chester. hope he gets better soon!


That sucks that you can’t see them now. I would be heart broken. But hey keep your head up. There will be more shows.


I’m so sorry for you- you are a true fan - as am I, but much older! Keep the faith - with effort, luck, patience you in life will have many opportunities to see them over years. I first saw them in 2008, barely knew music but loved it- concert was great. I’ve been to 3 concerts- last kick off of N American tour Aug 8th. Chester was sick- think they were on edge of cancelation- but came out- very late. No Chester at my M&G. Missed him but saw the guys. He did take the stage but was not himself. The Band/crowd all sang our hearts out to make it a good evening. I met all @M&G in 2012. Chester was last in lineup- meeting him was memorable. He is super when he can ‘do his thing’. - fully. He+ band are pure energy on stage. This is the best kind of concert. Hope h gets better soon, they Reschedule & you get same chance again- fingers crossed in 2015. I’m doing the same.


Same!! I’ve been a fan since I was 9 (I’m 16 now) and I was gonna see them for the first time in couple of days. It’s sucks the tour got canceled but I just hope Chaz gets well soon! And hopefully they’ll reschedule the dates :grin::grin: