My artworks


since everyone is doing this, I decided to show you guys some of my artworks through years :slight_smile: some of you may saw these on my fb account already.
I am not trying to “collect” compliments or something, just finally kick myself into communication with other LPUers :smiley:

oh well, that’s all. have a nice day :slight_smile:


Impressive! I really like the one with the girl in the chair. Very nice shading. I’m a little jealous to be honest.


nooo don’t be. I draw these when I was 15 yrs old :smiley: now I’m 23 and unfortunatelly for some unknown reasons I stopped drawing. (okay, I know why, but let’s be mysterious)

anyway thanks :slight_smile: girl in the chair is my favourite too [mrgreen]


killing teddy bears are evil D:
i like the girl in the chair… and although it is evil to hang teddy bears. good drawing :3


u r very-very-etc. talented! nice works - like photo


omg awesome
you are really good


You draw very well, amazing, this is epic


omg great! I draw too but not that awesome like you :slight_smile:

how long you draw that pictures?


city of lost children>>>>i love it!!!


omfg awesome !


You have some real talent there Lienna, your drawings are pretty amazing…

i myself too am an artist and love my drawing but like you I haven’t done it for a fair few years, although i am getting back into it, pretty much after everyone said I should haha… So girl, don’t ever stop drawing, you have some big-time talent, don’t let it go to waste!!




These are beautiful :slight_smile: fantastic work!


Awesome, looks like a photo. Very good job, amazing.


They’re all amazing, great job!


Wooow you are great!


Looking through LPU chats and although this is quite an old one I felt I need to add something.
Your pictures are amazing and it would be such a pity if you “ignored” your talent.
I would love it if after all this time you have started drawing again and if you have would like to see them


oh my! thank you so much that means alot <3


`wow compliment great done


Wow those pictures of Mike and Chester is awesomely good great job