My autographed poster


I went to my very first Linkin Park concert on Friday and I found out I would be meeting them on Tuesday. I wasn’t sure what to get signed. I thought about one of their albums, but I wanted to bring something else. I decided to make a poster that included one of their lyrics from my favorite song which is Iridescent. I’m not exactly an artist and my cursive handwriting isn’t the best, but having only a few days to create it, I tried my best to get it to look somewhat decent. I wanted to fix the Linkin Park up a bit but it was too late so I figured I would do it after I got it signed. I asked Mike if he could sign at the top on the left side, but I guess he didn’t hear me since he signed on the bottom over the L and P lol. So I guess I’ll just leave it like that. These lyrics mean a lot to me so I’m glad I have them hanging on my wall with their signatures :slight_smile:


Looks amazing.


Hey! I’m Damarys (the girl that was next to you at the meet & greet). That’s awesome you got it framed already. Looks great!


Congratulations, I really liked the idea


Hey! Glad to see you on here. The poster was getting wrinkled so I wanted to get the frame right away so it wouldn’t get ruined, thanks!




muito bom!! sortudo


Awesome. Looks cool:)


Thats awesome, wish I had something like this!