My Brand New LP Community

#1 That’s the link to the community, my Soldiers! It’s in google plus. If you guys have a google plus account (I think that all of you have), please make sure to become part of the community dedicated to our most fave and bestest band in the whole world Linkin Park!:heart:


I really couldn’t get used to Google+, the only reason I have it is because Google basically forces you to. But it does seem like a good idea for those that do use it


Same here, i have it, but never use it.


same again, only to go on searching I acccepted google+ and really? I hate if comps leading me to do sth I don´t understand but have to agree to, to go on …

…need no new community forum, (instead of if it is having a like plug-dj tool) how many communities you think, exsits already? MB 15? lol but think you´re a new soldier? @Ivka_Wesley, a “newby”? Than it´s your first topic post, congrats, but surve a bit and join the most liked topics, to get the spirit inhere! Welcome! lol :sunglasses:


I’m not a member of Google+. The only reason I would think to get one is use of YouTube’s comments section (which I think shouldn’t be the case anyway).


ot So hi @lp13413 nice to meet ya after such a long time… :wink: lol good new year to ya at least, as I mentioned before, I found no other way to close that intrusive periodly app window of google+…how are you btw?


I have one but no longer use it. Good luck on your new LP community anyway!


Don´t have an account, cause there is no need to use that for me. Good luck for your new community


I’m not a newbie on here and what do you mean with"how many communities you think, exsits already? MB 15?"?


sry but “my brand new LP Community” sounds a bit like, and, don´t forget, it was a “Welcome-post” but if it bother you, it´s esdy to delete…@Ivka_Wesley lol :expressionless:


I made this topic for a good reason… Idk what’s wrong with that?? Today I look for a sign…


OK; sure but don´t forget the old soldirs, stm this topic comes even twice a week,nothing wrong with your topic, it´s only a feedback, so we use to handle it here :relaxed:


it’s all good I guess?