My Chemical Romance


When Linkin Park was absent after Meteora, MCR comforted me, and I became a HUGE fan!!
They were my favorite band for a while, from 2005-2007. I saw them twice as The Black Parade, in 2006 and 2007. Saw them perform the entire TBD album from #1 to 13, then change back to old MCR and play old song. Saw Gerard with blonde hair. I almost stopped listening to LP bc they won my heart since LP was gone for a while :frowning:

I also saw them open for LP in 2007 at the Projekt Revolution and it was amazing my 2 favorite bands of all time play together. But after LP came back with MTM, I went back to LP my first love xD… and we’ve been together ever since


I had a dream last night that I went to this (weird) Linkin Park concert and Chester was singing a MCR song…I haven’t read this thread before or listened to MCR for a few years either so that wasn’t the reason for the dream…


i looooove mcr, one of my favourite bands :slight_smile:


the first 2 tracks from Conventional Weapons are awesome. i wish they released CW earlier instead of Danger Days.


Yeah, I can’t wait for CW, from what i’ve heard it sounds really good. Honestly though, overall I prefer DD sound, but it looks like an interesting album! :slight_smile:


DD is good and i’m not against where they are heading, i love “Save Yourself”. but CW sound is closer to Revenge, there’s more “MCR” that i know in the songs which is great. anyway, i’m glad that they decided to release CW and didn’t trash it forever :smiley:


I think we have a lot of other bands better then my chemical for romance guys ;s


@spikeShinizzle I agree with you!!


sorry *@spikeShinnizle


A lot of my friends like them. I listen to some of their stuff. What I’ve heard I like.


Totally love My Chemical Romance but they’re so far away from LP, in my opinion. Even if they’re one of my five fav bands xD


I love My Chemical Romance, though it’s been quite a while since I listened to any of their music. My first album of theirs was Black Parade, and it’s still definitely still my favorite.


Frank is peeing


CW Number One vinyl looks amazing

unfortunately, that ^ is not mine :frowning:


absolutely one of my favorite bands, it’s the first i fell in love with :slight_smile:


My Chemical Romance is a blessing to humanity. Right from its members to the music they make. All of their albums are masterpieces. Many are just stuck with the stuff they did till The Black Parade. But, Danger Days is a really matured form of MCR. During its making, the entire band was in some kind of suffering. This eventually led to their break up. I don’t know how can people dislike/hate MCR or any of their stuff! They are too good at emotionally torturing with the reality of world and its working. All they know is to make fabulous music and make it sound simple and natural.