My Chester Tattoo :)


Hello to you all :slight_smile:

im a fan since im in the 5th class in school, so like im was 11, first song ive seen of Linkinpark were Papercut on MTV… first i was like " what the fuck is that with the red hair ?" then ive seen one step closer and somehow they had this “magic”.
Linkinpark were constantly in my life, i never stopped listening to them, i would call myself a hardcore fan.

When i started my apprenticeship and started to earn money i wanted my first tattoo… the decision was easy, i wanted my passion for music on my body, and the shield for music and passion is LINKIN PARk for me :slight_smile:
Mike is coming on the other side. ( I NEEEED MORE MONEY XD )

If someone is asking why i choose excactly that, its easy to say… i didnt want to have this " excactly " face of chester, i wanted something in shadow where the ppl first be like " whats that excactly? "

and thats the original:

Hopefully i will meet LinkinPark someday and can show chester and the others that some guy in germany has a tattoo of them… if i would have the money i would have bought the meet and greet ticket, maybe next time :smiley: just got a normal ticket for stuttgart now.

greeeetings to all of you out there, love from germany


Looks really cool!
I must say, I’m from Belgium. I went to the Cologne concert 6th of november this year (2014) and German fans are really awesome!
cheers to all of you!


It’s beautiful!!! Very well done tatoo.
I will never have this courage to do a tatoo loke this!


Nice tattoo…I like that it is kinda hidden…sweet story too!!! One day ur dream will come true!!