My code doesn't work to add for digital membership


I have no expiration on my account @ cause I’ve been a member since 2008. However I ordered the presale package & got a free digital membership it says. I went to add code & says “only valid with usd paid accounts” I live in US, lol!! Also I can’t enter any contests, says I’m not in right tier! Wtf?!



I’d contact the HQ to make sure I were you. Redeeming your code should work just fine.


This doesn’t affect why your code isn’t working, but to clear up some confusion, the current accounts have only existed since 2011, and were migrated from a different platform last year, so any account made prior to then doesn’t exist. If you have no expiration, that means you currently are not an LPU member, which is why you can’t enter any of the contests, because they are LPU only. But like @evooba said, that seems like a problem out of our reach