My Concert and M&G experience at Berlin 2014


Hey LP soldiers!,

wanted to tell you about my M&G and concert experience at Berlin ^^.

First I drove about 2 hours, like every time to berlin.
When we arrived, I stucked by security… was horrible this time! First they didn´t allow me to take in my Cymbal, that I wanted to get signed. Then they began to fight with me, bc I didn´t have the right pass for attend to M&G, they was so confused (they mean with that the VIP Ticket People, that had nothing to do with LPU). So I gave them my M&G Confirmation, after a long time, for me, they let me in and also surprise, gave me my Cymbal back!

The M&G (my third one) went so great, first they said us, what we have to do and what not, Lorenzo was so cute! then the members of the band arrived one by one. First of all was Joe, he joked with us, then Brad, Rob, Phoenix, Mike and Chester. I talked most to Phoenix, Mike and Chester.

Phoenix ask me, if I play drums, bc of the cymbal, I telled him, yes, but just eletronic drums, bc of my wheelchair. He said to me, I should keep practice it. He was so cute. Then was Mike, he notice me already at his arriving ^^. I said hello and asked him to do a little sketch for me on my Cymbal and he did <3! Last was Chester, I said to him, that I love the Serie Hannibal, like he do, he smiled so great and we bump fisted! I think that was my best M&G so far!
Mike Shinoda Instagram Video

The concert after that, was just great, had lot of fun! Thanks again to Lorenzo, he was so helpful and kind, I really want to hug him all day!

My mate Sebastian, Me and Lorenzo!

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Here my memory place on my wall <3


That’s so sweet. Thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile:


Thank you too!.. :slight_smile:

Happy to be a part of it