My condolences to Chester


Ever since their debut, LP has helped me get through my life.
LP’s lyrics and music delivered through Chester’s voice expressed what I could not express on my own.
Listening to LP helped me release the darkness swirling inside me without hurting myself or others around me.
LP has been my comrade. LP has been my soul mate.
But, now as I listen to LP, Chester’s voice reminds me that I have lost another comrade who had fought continuously against his own self. Now that Chester has lost, it seems that all LP songs ends up in losing against your own self.
But, this is the last thing Chester would have wanted us to believe.
Chester, I know that you’ve suffered enough. I know that you fought against yourself til the very end. I truly hope you that you rest in peace. Please don’t forget how larger than life you had been in my life, and I truly thank you for all that you’ve done for us, the LP fans!

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