My Contribution to the Memory of Chester


It was all I could do, I have no money, I just got out of homelessness, I can not get a Job I have no measure of respectable education and no support. Yet Everything I taught myself, I learnt from youtube, wiki, tv, movies, and music. Then Linkin Park came and I learnt how to recognise my emotions, and in many cases other peoples emotions. For an Autistic person, that is a big step. Linkin Park was the family I never Knew. Our Hearts and souls go out to you Chester, R.I.P your long night is at an end, you are at Peace.

So as a person with very little to give, but a heart telling me to “run of to NYC next month, record a Piano composition at a music studio and dedicate it as a Tribute to Chester Bennington then remain homeless again for the rest of my life”, all I could do was put together a playlist of tributes to Chester, I am just sorry they all had to be by other Artists. I would have loved to have been able to include something myself for Chester.