My Dark Story - First Real Album


Now that it’s 2018 I can really look back on 2017. I have to be honest, the fact that it took 10 years for me to finally reach the dream of completing my first album in this style makes me very happy. I’m not sure I ever officially shared it here, but I thought it was suiting since Linkin Park is probably the first band to get me interested in writing my own music. So, here it is! My Dark Story. Released Oct 3 2017/


Thanx for the share… checking it out … feedback will come soon @the3rdtausk- the first song already is catching me… the lead guitar is awesome - great voice… smooth melodic voice - and the screaming parts are just :boom: man, thats awesome music :heart_eyes: tell me more about your band :eyes: !!!


Woow! :star_struck: Great music! The guitar sounds awesome! :heart_eyes: Is it you who sing?? great voice!clear and powerful! :star_struck: :notes:


In reply to both of, thank you so much! Truth is, I’m not in a band. Every song is played and sung by me myself. The only part that isn’t me, is the Screams in “Birth”. That happens to be my buddy Forest Of The Sound.

Again, thank you so much!

FotS typically does Electronica, but he’s a banger at metal when he plays his guitar.


Great - :boom: even more if you say it’s all played by yourself- that’s a real bummer :tada:- gonna listen to it again, and to sup you- I will buy it :grinning:… btw- to me your voice sounds like Placebo :grin:


Thanks man, I appreciate it!


Congrats on your first album! 10 years is a long time so I’m happy for you :grinning:

So far my favorite is Drown. Songwriting and production are really on point on this one!

Did you upload this album on SoundCloud?


I did! In fact it’s in a lot of places!

Links on my website:


I already subscribed to your Youtube channel, but forgot about your SoundCloud :see_no_evil:

Cool website, though I gotta mention it’s not always optimized for mobile.


Thanks! And yea, I’m still learning the new HTML5, CSS3, and some other scripts. Been lazy, haha.


Until today I could listen to it. Man, this is an excellent work! I listened like 3-5 times.


I really appreciate it! Thank you!