My December meaning


Hey guys sorry to ask a question about a really really old song but does anyone know what my Decembers about? It seems to have a really deep meeting i always wanted to know that. Has Chester Ever said anything about that?


All I know is he said it’s for his wife at the time


Humm that’s odd I can’t really see that


Yup that’s what Chester said :slight_smile:


Oh really I did not know that.


It was Chester reflecting on an argument he had had with her
Feeling like something he missed
December as in end of year/closure and him realizing “this is all I need” in regards to needing her back
Off top of my head but yeah


@framos1792 that sounds so deep.


I prefer creating personal meanings to songs, but I always took it to mean that all he wanted was someone to be there for him. He would do anything for that, for someone to be true and faithful to him as he was to them. He feels alone… maybe blames himself, because he says “my” December, as if December is cold and lonely because of something he has done. Perhaps he misses someone, which would make sense to be about an argument with his wife.


That’s the way I take it to