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[quote=cincybmxlpfreak]Drawing straight from your imagination is hard. I’m an art major and it’s hard for me to do it, but gridded drawing is a great starting point. It helps you develop the skills to look at an object as forms and shapes, rather than what that object is. Many times you will draw, lets say…a person. And as you get to the nose, the nose doesn’t look like a nose, but when you just let your arm do the drawing and not think about it as a nose, that’s when you’ll be successful and create the person as a whole more accurately. As you get used to drawing people, animals, objects, etc…you can use those forms that you learn as a pattern and develop the skills to draw straight from your imagination… It’s starting to get easier for myself and I’ve been drawing for about 12 years. Don’t doubt yourself and just do. After you create the whole, if there’s a little bit of an issue on the ear or leg or whatever it is you’re drawing, you can always erase it and edit that form.

Thank you very much for your advice, it will help me in the future=)
P.S. Here are a couple pictures copied from photographs (they are not associated with the LP)


I agree, very good drawlings :smiley:


two new


you are very good!




Nice work,i esspecialy like yhe last 1.[smile][smile]


Thank you[smile]


These two new are awesome!!! like an original! [surprised] [heart]


I am pleased, thank you[smile]


an old picture… Disturbed

and new: a robot for a project in English


brilliant job on that robot [mrgreen] *clap *clap


They are amazing! Nice work :slight_smile:


I hope the teacher will be pleased, thanks[smile]


Thank you=)


P.S. Should I upload pictures not related to Linkin Park?



Ohh God! I wouldn’t revive this topic if your draws weren’t so good! I mean, they are d**n amazing!


This thing reminds me of Ravage from Transformers 2.