My feelings now


I don’t get it, why am I so weak, why do I shiver?
Know that your gone, nothing right to deliver
Created a legacy you sang your heart out
I’ve been told you became a star now
Why did you support me when you threw yours?
If you fought depression so well then who forced?
Why leave when I was learning to stand?
Why grab me when I was yearning for hand?
You motivated me not to grab the noose again
I live every moment in pain but like you pretend
It’s alright, I can deal though I’m dying on the inside
Falling down, ain’t touched the ground, I’ve been high
My back’s got the support now but it broke the spine
The contact with an open mind, closed the eyes
I was wrong to depend on you, didn’t see you facing shit
You were the living fortune, my life, you escalated it
Living seems a despair, ever since you broke ties
The knot was too tight on the neck, it choked life
They honor you now, sing your songs on the streets
I’m at the bottom of the cliff with lonesome defeat
You left a blueprint for us, it’s a gift and a curse
Dying a hundred times isn’t a blissful effort
99 of the problems were scars I was learning to adapt
The last had me, it was you leaving and burning to ash


Wow so moving and sad i have nothing to say but it mind blowing


nice lyrics is that for chester the beginning sounds like it anyway


It is a dedication to Chester