My first post on LPU :D


Hi, my name is Valerio and this is my first post on LPU.
Sorry but I’m speak a little English. I’m 19 years old and I’m from Caserta, near Naples.
I’m studying mechanical engineering in Naples and I LOVE LINKIN PARK.
I know that all this is not very interesting for all of you but I think that it is only right to be known :smiley:
Hey, I’m lookin for Hybrid Theory. I would buy it but it’s impossible find it on web D:


Welcome to LPU!

Have you checked eBay?


of course but nothing was in good conditions


Weird, I bought a Japanese one new about a year ago


Welcome ^___^
Nice to meet you!


Can you post a link for me? Thanks you :smile:
Hi koyr, me too :smile:


Here’s a search for only new copies that you can buy right away, no bidding. I personally wouldn’t buy any that uses a stock image (just the cover art) and go for ones that are actual pictures of the CD case

Also check the “Positive feedback” percentage on the side of each listing, higher being better. And while not related to quality, I suggest the Japanese copy because it had High Voltage and My December on it, along with other live songs, but that’s just me


Thank tou, you have been very kind :smile:


Welcome to the LPU and have fun here!


hello friend, and welcome to LPU :slight_smile:


Hello!, welcome! i’m also new so nice to meet you :smiley: