My first tattoo LP!


My first tattoo about Linkin Park.

I love it!




That rocks man !




Amazing tattoo buddy :))


That’s really awesome! [razz]


thts an awesome tattoo dude :slight_smile: i really like it


I wouldn’t want a big tattoo like this, but maybe a small one with LP logo (like 1/4 inch) on my wrist :slight_smile:


I’ve got a leg piece that I’ve added on to every year since 2008. Try not to get addicted!



I addicted!

i have plan to second tattoo in my leg…

Cover to Reanimation album!




That looks so great!!!
I’m getting my first Linkin Park tattoo when I’m 18 (next year),
I’ll have the soldier and the “Linkin Park” sign of FTI single/BTH single/Texas DVD
on my back :smiley: