My first time ever using this right now feeling nervous


This is like my first time ever went on this website since January 2017 and i’m new to all of this and it is kinda hard for me to make friends on here and i’m nervous about it. IM A BIG LINKIN PARK FAN SOOOOOO IM HAPPY TO MEET EVERYONE ON HERE!:blush:


it will come easy enough :relaxed:
we’re all excited over the same things and its pretty cool to hear things from people in different countries
I just joined up around the same time but welcome nonetheless :tada:


New people are always welcome :smiley:


We don’t want you here so sod off!..only joking :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: There’s nothing to be nervous about, we don’t bite. There’s not many of us here so you’ll see only a small group of regulars around most of the threads.


Hey, I was new a few months ago. People accept you as long as you don’t go around stepping on their toes. Just be respectful and enthusiastic about Linkin Park and we’ll all get along great.


WELCOME soldier, no need to shiver! :stuck_out_tongue:


Take the advice. Run!


Loool :stuck_out_tongue: @amitrish shhhhhhh


Hello ,
you will find a lot of friends over here !!!

Me i’m coming from france !!!

nice to meet you :wink:


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! I feel more happy now :blush: im just getting use to this right now so have question what can you do on here I you could talk and stuff but what else im just wondering. :relieved: :relaxed:


Just take a look around and you’ll get the general idea. Mainly we just have conversations about things, but we have some pretty popular thread games (such as “the word association game” or the “can you touch your shoulders” thread).

If you have something that you’re angry about then the “what grinds your gears” thread is for you.If you have something completely random drop it the “insert totally nifty topic here” thread. Also check out the Plug.DJ thread if you want to hang with members more often (all mentioned threads linked below).

Pretty much anything is welcome so long as your posts are civilized and aren’t spam.

There’s other cool threads too so be sure to check them out too :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums. I guess @the_termin8r already shared a few nice threads you could check out, but there are loads and loads more. Perhaps you might even know of a fun game that we haven’t played on here yet? If so, feel free to start a new thread :smiley: Most of all: have fun! :wink:


Thank you I looked around and it great you all for your help and making me feel more comfortable.


No worries, we always welcome newcomers. :slight_smile:


That cool thanks


Tbh when I started using this I thought people here might think I have terrible opinions on everything or treat me odd for being new, but as soon as I started replying people were very responsive and kind. You’ll fit in as long as you love the band and their music.


This isn’t a gaming forum :stuck_out_tongue:


I know everyone is kind and nice and I think I will do just fine and fit in with everyone. P.S I LOVE LINKIN PARK NOW AND FOREVER!:blush::grin:


That made me laugh :joy:


Nice to meet you welcome to lpu