My greatest fear just got worse


Here’s an excerpt that I’ve found:

Indeed it covers witches and witchcraft like @Woco21 mentioned

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I’m confused… :no_mouth: @Woco21 help please



Ok here we go, I will include some of my personal experience leading me to “witchcraft” aka occult knowledge (or part of it).

I discovered deep within me that, the source of evil itself is minute compared to all the greater good happening around the world. But if this “evil” becomes programmed into a persons mind, it can manifest more and practically fool people into believing things (Ie: television). I don’t want to go into “grotesque” subjects concerning this, but they do involve witchcraft.

Witchcraft can be used for a good cause or also its bi-polar similar, bad. This is what I mention within duality, as one cannot exist without the other. Your mind is a lot more powerful than you believe. By knowing what to use and being trained in the craft, you can practically make your will become a reality. Of course as mentioned, it depends on what side you choose.

I mentioned many people would not believe in this, as it is not “seen” by the eye. But everything starts as an idea, that idea manifests and becomes a reality (Think Steve Jobs “thinking” about creating the iPhone and actually making it a reality). Everything starts this way, as long as an idea is implanted in your mind, it can be manifested. Those in charge know this and manipulate people through media, as mentioned before.

The Salem Witch Trials were just a means to exterminate “good” witches. It was meant to keep this knowledge in the dark, this is why it is part of the Occult.

I’ve gotten more into these topics as I have read books about it from the like of Aleister Crowley. Brilliant man, but very misunderstood. As I always tell you guys, have an open mind for things and you will begin to see more connections.

I can say these words, but it is up to you, and your will to accept them, our conclusions are never the same and cannot be. We can merely influence a person and mold them for their personal truth.

It’s scary to think about stuff this way, I myself, as a logical thinker never thought of it as “real”, but there have been circumstances within my own immediate family that make me see that, it may not be so “out of the ordinary”

PS: I touch some of these subjects in my last mixtape. Though it is not straight forward. Think about the Old men in “blur”.




Prodigy (RIP) may be able to explain the “power” itself than I can:

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I’ll watch the video later…

Anyway… :thinking: so basically you are saying we all actually have a witchcraft power inside, but we aren’t able to use it cause we are too focus in following “rules” made to restrict our self… right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yes, we have been brainwashed from the very beginning, from our very 1st breath. Yoga helps reach higher consciousness, it is all about learning how to empty your mind. Learning how to control it and not put so much thought into anything you do, but just doing it as your “will”. This way, all their brainwashing methods are null.

All these demons are creations of the rulers. To keep you down and spread negativity. Think about how society as a whole has changed from the time you were born, til now. Many norms implemented and never questioned.

I’ve just gotten into these topics, but books on thinking, magick and psychology have opened the road to realize the lie. I myself am in early stages of learning about the occult, but I do believe myself that words can be “magick”.

Think about how I wake people with just words, same can be done with mainstream artists nowadays who just pump the same formula of gibberish, sex, materialism, etc. Its Agenda driven and they are given the opportunity of fame, just by following the simple method. And many people clamor it, and they keep giving them more. Think of lyrics as incantations.



Btw… We cannot let this thread die like the other ones…

Prodigy has been saying this for so long, don’t believe that he CHOKED ON AN EGG!

Listen to the song and understand how deep this all is. He had nothing to lose, and this album was released in 2008!



According to Wikipedia this diet is based on raw/cooked fruits and alkaline greens, intercalated with fasting periods. The thing with fasting is that its not for everyone. The individual metabolisms can react to fasting in different ways, for some people it works as a wealthy option and for other people is like the worst thing you can do to your body. I think that long fasting periods are not that good, because when we don’t eat our brain needs to get food somewhere else so the liver produces ketone bodies. In long fasting periods, the continuous presence of ketones will decrease the pH on our bodies (witch is perfect for cancer development). So it’s not that good to go like in a 20 day fasting period.
Regarding the food that you buy in stores, well we live in a world that’s literally possible for everyone to grow their own foods. I can only speak for Portugal and Europe laws and regulations. The food that we eat and the additives that they may contain are very well regulated and it’s all on the label. And for a new additive to be added to the list there is a lot of tests that have to be carried out. Like, a lot. It takes a lot of time. So I trust that all the additives are, in general, safe. The problem is when you eat too much of one thing. In that case the concentration of a particular compound can be high enough to cause body damage. But if your diet is as varied as can be then it shouldn’t be a problem. The materials that are used to package foods are a greater concern because most people reuse most of the plastic containers and most of the times they aren’t made to be reused (like plastic water bottles, that are made to be used just one time). So the compounds present in the plastic can migrate into foods. And they can be actually harmful for your body (search bisphenol A for an example). These compounds are regulated in the european law as well, but sometimes the industry moves faster than the making of new regulations so, in this case, contrary to the food additives case, if it’s not forbidden, it can be use!
Last year i went to a conference that showed that most of the people, when they are buying foods, do not look at the ingredients or the nutritional label. That can mean one of two things: they don’t understand the label at all or that people trust in the food’s regulations and laws. By looking into the people around me, I’ve come to realise that most people do not understand labels and don’t know how to properly eat and cook. And that’s an educational flaw. Kids should have to learn these things in school.
It’s not on the government best interest that people get sick because that means more and more money spend in healthcare and health systems (that here is free for everyone :grin:).

Resuming, there is a lot of work to be done. Food waste must be reduced, as well as new environmental friendly forms of packages must be developed. The agricultural industry has to find a way to feed all of the 9 billion people on the planet without compromising the nutritional values and without destroying the planet. Food education should be a priority for generations to come. Less meat, more greens and a varied diet!



[quote=“manypintas, post:48, topic:49941”] it’s
not on the government best interest that people get sick because that means more and more money spend in healthcare and health system

I think is on the contrary - it pays off to influence people’s health in the way they suffer from slight indisposition in a short term and from something more serious in a long term. First, they would buy more medicine for self-treatment. Then advanced treatment would be necessary. The health system may be for free as you say (meaning financed out of our taxes). But only to some extent. Drugs are not for free (in general) and if you need a serious treatment you will also be ready to pay for the private appointment with a specialist in a reasonable time. So I think that completely healthy society is beyond interes of the government.



It’s beneficial for the pharmaceuticals companies. Not the government itself. Here it’s free, even if it’s a very serious disease. If its a very serious disease like cancer, you don’t have to pay for appointments or drugs. And if you don’t make enough money there’s also financial support.
The government is made by the people. If the people are unhappy they just don’t vote for them. We as consumers and society have the biggest power. We just don’t know it or don’t get interested in the things that can actually help to change the world. Most of the people in my age don’t vote and aren’t into politics. How can you change something if you don’t get this little involved?

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Very well written @manypintas. Human body is not a machine - what works for me does not have to work on other people. You’re right with too much of one thing, I had a painful experience with that a few years ago and it ended with histamine intolerance. It’s really important to eat variety of foods, not the same everyday just because I like it too much or because I’m lazy to cook.

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[quote=“manypintas, post:50, topic:49941”] it’s
beneficial for the pharmaceuticals companies. Not the government itself.
Do pharmaceuticals or food industry operate outside the law? Don’t they pay taxes?

Here - in theory - we’ve got a similar health system. But only in theory.
If you go to the chemist to buy some pills (for stomach or headache), do you have to pay?

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Off course they operate within the law and pay taxes. But the health system has to pay for the pharmaceutical drugs too. Off course there are agreements and corruption and human greed, but in general, it’s more expensive to the system to pay for a cronic disease.

It depends on my financial situation. If i have a really low income, i don’t have too pay for medical prescribed drugs. Also depends if i had a very serious condition at any point of my life. My mom had two breasts cancers and brain cancer. She didn’t have to pay for any of the treatments and she doesn’t pay taxes.



Here, off course, you don’t pay for cancer treatment in the hospital. But if you suffer from any chronic disease you’d rather choose private appointment. Cause for any appointment within the health system you would wait for 6 months, a year, 2 years - just to hear you exaggerate.

As a result we’ve got a broad market for drugs (sometimes so-called drugs) which you can buy without any doctor’s prescription but they are fully payable. If you have no chance to see the doctor (specialist) you practise self-medication according to what is advertised on TV. :slight_smile:
However, drugs prescribed by the doctor are rarely refunded in 100 per cent.

The above was about the local situation.



Of course, completely understand where you are coming from, it is not for everyone, and yeah anyone can try and such. Its tough for a human to go into things as fasting as it has become “used to” the nutritional methods set as a standard. Hence when you go “off” a certain thing, it can have certain reactions. Things in small portions can indeed help one gain better health.

But yes, in general people tend to not read or inform themselves about certain stuff as mentioned. This is kind of like a mental “trigger” when people see “Organic” on the label and immediately believe it is healthy. Psychologically speaking, even colors are used to have a potential “hungry” customer. Many companies will use red and yellow, as these colors tend to cause hunger!

I feel the body is made to “test limits” so to speak. What can make us better ourselves physically and mentally. But yeah, all this reusing and recycling and not informing people of their potential dangers is the bigger issue here. But as mentioned people fail to ask questions and just “go with the flow”.

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I follow queen wococo

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It seems children are really our future now:

I’m so proud of her!

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Reminds me of a huge climate demonstration by Dutch students that took place recently. Remarkable how so many young students all over the world seem to be into climate all of the sudden

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Dear @Woco21 i will respect your view even though i um… know better…
am i allowed to share a view or will i be considered judgemental if it’s not in agreement?

The premise of wicca is based upon us controlling the world and its energies.
so the question rises.
who are we to do so?
last time i checked i did not -and i repeat- did not create any solar systems nor jupiters nor earths.
So… i consider it a little prideful to consider we can harness these powers if we believe in a “next” and “evolved” life that’s coming after this one.

I made a wish one day for something to happen to a friend of mine that would improve his life.
he never even got out his shower as he was struck by a rare syndrome of 1 to 100.000 chances to get.
It did improve his life… he found a wife in the hospital that he spent two years in and now has two beautiful children.
but it didn’t come at no cost!
nor at a cost i was aware of when wishing.
ask me if i would do the same today.

anywayy … i haven’t read much since i’ve been away working against these philosophies which all lead down to the belief that we can be “as gods”, a theme you can find in almost all modern religious systems.
(Yoga AND atheism are BOTH religions!)

we can debate forever.
the question is… what would you debate for.
to know, or to win?

if the latter, you can’t beat truth.

so if i were you, i would look into “everything exploding from nothing” back into Greek philosophy which completely destroys the possibility of it being true but the premise comes from Greek paganism and mythology.
I would do my research because, leading people where they shouldn’t go has major consequences and you should be very wary of leading someone into thorns coz their blood will be on your hands.

what one needs to do is look for truth of matters and not beliefs.
truth will always be supported by evidence.
does one want to believe it is night when the sun is up?
they got every right to do so!
but they ain’t swimming in the sunshine are they?

somehow, i think this video (fresh out the oven) relates much…
it willl take observation (Perception) and iNtuition to watch till the end
Things that one needs to know about oneself before they dwell further than them.
This is why i have been insisting on the MBTI assessment (links in the video) as one of the most important steps.
Did you just judge this text away from touching base or perceive it and start to wonder due to sincere quest for knowledge?
how can oneknow their steps in the dark if they don’t know themselves?
only truth lights us up just as one match is enough to light up a room!

(Again, video not much on wicca stuff but it does start with SLEEP PARALYSIS that is the result thereof!)
…and prodigy :joy:

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But do we know better that is the thing? Truth is subjective depending your view of the world.

Who or what controls this illusion? We are granted life to do as we wish, but at consequences as you pointed out. Isn’t it a little unfair that the ones ruling us deliberately enslave us in order to attain their goals and wishes?

I haven’t lead anyone into this path, as you yourself mentioned, truth is subjective. people decide with their own wills what their personal truth is, but in a world that you are born into as a possible and being initiated into the concepts that your parents have bore, how do you know its correct? No one does, all we have is scriptures, philosophy and Biblical prophecy playing before our eyes (Or being programmed to believe it)

We don’t have evidence of God, but yet i believe the entity plays a big role in it. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in a creator.

The important part here is to not play their game, a human being is more than just another brick in the wall. Even if their perception is truth is different than mine, yours, whoever, doesn’t make them my enemy, but those biases play in the disagreements that make the “bad” stuff happen.

I do understand the concept of inner knowledge, but at that point, it would be like completely neglecting everything on the outside. Because the internal is what has all the answers. Trust me, I’m trying to figure stuff out just as many that have awakened. There are just too many inconsistencies in life.