My greatest fear just got worse


But do we know better that is the thing? Truth is subjective depending your view of the world.

This is my favorite line of debate…
Truth can never be subjective my dear.
Allow me to help since this is all i am trying to do because not everyone was lucky enough to be Greek and know to describe this.
the Greek (where most our words come from) definition of the word truth is A+Λήθη which literally translates to “no” (negating “A”) + “deception”
Truth cannot be a deception. for it would not be the truth.
Now, if my truth is equal to yours and is subjective as you think then it can’t be the real truth.
We cannot debate whether the sun is up or not without looking out the window.
Well, we could debate for hours about it but still, the sun would not care!
if my truth is equal to yours then the truth is shared 50-50 between the two so this creates the problem:
what is our other 50%?
wouldn’t that be “deception”?
Therefore hasn’t the “truth” just jumped out the window of the argument?
hence… by the very definition of the word and the understanding of its meaning
equal truths are nothing but lies!
truth is one and our job is to find it.

Who or what controls this illusion? We are granted life to do as we wish, but at consequences as you pointed out. Isn’t it a little unfair that the ones ruling us deliberately enslave us in order to attain their goals and wishes?

Think about our lives less of a matter of choice (as we don’t remember choosing it)
but more of a result of consequence.

I read the rest but … i think i am answering to those in the video provided! :slight_smile:
Remember my dear, even if i sound harsh, we are LPU and it’s a family.
I accept my family’s choices always but i am also obliged to help them where they might go wrong.
It’s a job! it’s called “being a brother” and having two sisters, i am trained well! :sunglasses:

Who is right and who wrong not only can be determined by evidence (and evidence for God exist but they don’t advertise them) but it is also imperative to know so before we pass away!
it’s a job we neglect doing because of our too loaded self-loathing schedules!

all love!
we’re family!

God bless us everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, the truth is a lie, and yes there is just one ultimate truth which we are all trying to find.

I agree with that, and I have no reason to be upset with you brother. There’s no point in creating or channeling a negative atmosphere over petty differences honestly.

Yes, the sun doesn’t care, as it is always there. Even when the moon is beaming on the Earth on one side, the sun is still shining on the other!

Its not harshness and I understand man. Its all about trying to help one another to climb the mountain but not everyone is gonna climb at the same time, or go up the same way, but once they do reach the pinnacle, that is all that matters.

Thanks very much for stimulating my mind, I LOVE to have intellectual conversations such as these, and even better than you understand Greek philosophy and mythology, they make me strive towards a new road.



I absolutely agree with this but I think @Woco21 was talking about perception rather than truth. So basically a different use of words.

I think truth is 100% objective and there’s no such thing as personal truth. Instead we all have different perceptions that have been formed as a result of our experiences, just like @Woco21 elaborated on. We have to align our personal perceptions as much as possible to truth in order to find it.

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actually, these things are in my mind as well and I just cannot understand why people refuse to see what’s going on whit pollution, global warming and possible nuclear war. I am only 16 now and I am worried why even my parents don’t really care about my and their grandchildren future. I live in constant fear and the worst whit I is that I keep blaming myself in all of it and I don’t even have a reason to do so. I am one of the rare people I know that care and I care soo much it is almost bad for my health and well being. I recently watched TED talk and it was about that the best thing we can do to help whit climate change is talking about it.



i will share a secret my dear new sister but you’ll have to promise me to keep it in the family!
the secret is (whispers) I am double your age +6 dear @ance7 !
that may not be shocking to you but it is very shocking to me!:sweat_smile:

That being said, i’ll add that i am known for long, boring, exhausting, confusing posts so i will spare you from one and the reason is simple.
i talk too much when a lot is there to be said, but if someone has pointed out what’s important already, all i need to do is point to that.

See, all the problem is as @rickvanmeijel said, is perception.
People view this world from their perspective a lot these days failing to see it from another’s eyes.
The big rule in order to not lose yourself is exactly what Rick said.

We have to align our personal perceptions as much as possible to truth in order to find it.

…and not the other way around! this is key!
Your perception is already non-self oriented and all i can tell you is that it hurts as you know already!
that’s why others (even our parents) decide to not do so.
I am more disappointed when i meet people of your age that are careless for the world and others than the previous generation.
I believe these thoughts in your mind are here to change this world, so don’t allow the world to change you instead!
proud to be your LPU bro!

bah… long post…

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