My/her/his/your phone


My phone connects to the home 5g so I get 100-110 on the dl.


@the_termin8r your home has 5G???


Yeah, we’re on fiber optic. The laptops use 2g because they’re getting old but the phones and tablets are on 5g.


I think we’re talking about different things here. Just now when you mentioned 5G, I was thinking about the next generation mobile data connection type that they are planning, they said something about 5G would be more akin to wifi.


5g??? When I get 4g+ I am excited!!:joy::joy::grin:


Same ! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Lol



Ohooo! So what’s special?? Just the speed??


5g!!! ??? Sigh


5G gets you 100-120-ish but has a much shorter range. 2G gets you 50-60 but has a longer range. Old tech can’t receive 5G.


Ooh so just the speed thing?


Yeah, what else could you improve?


Yea… that also has a point… :thinking::thinking: okkay…


Yup I read somewhere that when they roll out 5G mobile data, they would need to install more antennas closer to each other cuz 5G has a shorter cellular range than 4G.


lock screen and background


Back to my Gemini Syndrome art by Cameron Gray.

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My wallpaper right now


Looks like he just got hit by his cymbal. Also you need to read your emails. :joy:


hahaha :joy: That’s one of my favorite pics of him. And I just cleaned my emails.