My/her/his/your phone


I am not the only one with that number of emails :slight_smile:


A little update


Overexposed, but yup, you can see it’s updating:


The update makes it very unresponsive :frowning:


oops… which model is it ?



I think it’s because of the Meltdown and Spectre patch. The patch inevitably slows down its CPU. If that isn’t enough, more bloatware was bundled together with the update, such as Google Duo and other nonsense that now becomes uninstallable system apps. :persevere:

This is the exploit they went to patch:

The above exploit is a hardware (chip) issue, so a software patch would go against the original
design of the chip by blocking the part that makes it more efficient (since that is where the vulnerability is).


Yeah, I’m totally fanboying about that EP


So you need to take that for the repair…

That’s an awesome one! :heart_eyes:


Can you believe it, Pat helping me with work:


Lol yes- one for the other :wink: and… is this a pic from the Himalaya as background ?


Made a new home screen:


Yes samuel. Its very nice! :slightly_smiling_face::blush::blush:

@jabinquaken … can you send that? Or post it here?! I want it too! :smiley:


Here you go @Honey8


Thaaankkksss! :smiley:


New lock screen


Oh me see what you did there :B


hardly anything there for you to see…


Iphone?! :+1:t2:


Haha :joy: as if. I don’t do iPhones :joy: