My/her/his/your phone


My dad swapped out his old s3m for an s7 today. I managed to convince him to get it over an iphone SE, the s7 was £100 more, but it is the better phone. Plus, knowing him, he’d hate the UI even more than I.


The new iPad was announced today and it looks great! I’m seriously considering trading in my old one for this. Not interested in the pencil since I don’t really see myself using it… sounds like a good deal for a brand new model.


Tablets are one thing I will never get, they’re essentially big phones without the ability to make a basic phone call, so they’re less practical in that sense; yet they’re not powerful enough to compete with a laptop. It’s a weird limbo.


They’re handy, no need to carry a laptop around. If you get them with data you can make calls but that’s a bit too much if you ask me.


But then why not use your phone, I just looked the 9.7 up, the top end version is £540 on their official site and it’s only got 2GB or RAM, that’s shameful I think. Quite a few phones that have been out in the past couple of years are just as powerful if not more so.

I’d say if your old ipad works fine just use that and save the money.


I don’t know which one you’re looking at, the one I’m talking about costs £319. I won’t do anything before I can go to a store and check it out first. I really like the one I have now, especially cause of it’s size but it’s old. An upgrade wouldn’t hurt.
Phones are different. I never use my phone for long periods of browsing or whatever. I always carry the iPad with me, it’s convenient.


£319 is more reasonable, I was looking at the top spec 9.7. But I don’t understand this thing of people carrying phones and tablets to do on the tablet what the phone can do easily. Your choice though.


I checked the trade in option and if I decide to go for it, I’ll pay around 220 for it. For me, I cannot use my phone for long, I need a bigger screen to do stuff. Plus, I travel a lot and I prefer carrying a tablet around than my laptop.


Very handy for contractors/sales from my point of view, always showing customers products, projects etc and tablets facilitate a lot of that…


That’s quite a niche market.



Oh — and Telegram bg


I love how we had the same idea for our home screens :stuck_out_tongue:


I had PT Single cover for the home screen before this came out


Do we have any LPU app on android?


Yes, it’s garbage.


I agree. It’s a Linkin Park app with access to the forums but, it’s not good at all. It crashes all the time and is slow.


I posted here about it somewhere when it came out, but I remember it took me 3 or 4 attempts to log in and then it started glitching.


I suppose this goes here too


Mshinoda now has three ears. So if you say anything bad, he’ll find you. Dun dun dunnnnn


3 ears? What did you do to him @intheend ?