My/her/his/your phone


Walls are MShinoda’s ears


Silence robbies


New WA background


New lock screen.


My wallpaper


This looks a lot like something James Jean would paint (I know it’s Jabin’s) and it’s amazing!


Yeah, Jabin’s art tends to make pretty good backgrounds.


That’s kind of weird…to have Bennington’s family picture on your phone as a wallpaper. What if someone looks at this and ask you if that person was related to you?


But at the same time, its her phone and she can use this picture if she wants to. It only shows her love for the more I believe, and who cares what people say or think, its a free world whether people want it to be or not.


You have to admit it’s weird though. I mean, they are his kids. It’s like having someone else’s family for a wallpaper on your desktop.


Silence fluffy


I never said it wasn’t, but that its her choice is all.


Hey…heyyyyyyy. Be nice to my gummy bear


Despite making a rant on why the iPhone X seemed useless on this very forum, I bought it a few days ago. If it’s a little less hypocritical, I decided to keep my 6S+ as an iPod since it has a headphone jack


That’s what keeps happening to me :joy::rofl:


A friend got the X a few months ago and I played around with it for a bit. I like it a lot, the screen is amazing. If I ever upgrade from mine, I’ll definitely consider it.


Go for a Galaxy S7, they’re objectively better and cheaper. Also the screen is better (apart from it being a bit smaller).


Not switching to Android (especially Samsung) ever. My dad won the S8 a few months ago and it’s not good. Not as good as his iPhone at least.


What’s wrong with it? My only issues with the S7 is that the screen to area ratio is so big that I occasionally hang up a call by accident when my phone rings and I go to pick it up.


Screen is not good to begin with, not fast enough, limited apps etc.