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I don’t know if it’s the right thread for it, but that was on my phone when I was checking the LPU forum:

111…11…1 new posts. Beautiful coincidence :joy:


:joy::joy: that’s great! I am sure mine won’t ever stay 1 … they’d be 3 , 33 ,333 :joy::joy::joy:


Like @theearlywalker said it’s a shit phone, it’s been only two months yet it’s more cracked than the previous phone:


:open_mouth:… not good- but to avoid further damage- put a layer on it - like this panzer film… and- lol, wasn’t it you who called it „the phone pretending to be an i-phone“ ?


If I read correctly, I read some article that said that iPhones shatter more easily


Possible… that’s why I have such a layer on it- I had to renew it several times already- but the screen was not damaged… ( and it’s soo nice to get tags from you again :blush: :sunny:️ )


What phone is this?


I assume this goes here too


I like how everyone is covered up but Joe.


Joe has payed Sony for that…


I bet he didn’t pay them enough, becuace I’m assuming he gets covered up when you move to the PS store icon. :stuck_out_tongue:


He couldn’t pay enough not to get covered by PS Store… just because no one can pay more than it brings to Sony


Ever since the last couple of android updates, my phone has been acting oddly. Specifically, the battery has been draining rapidly from X% where X is random.

Just today, I got an alert from WA web telling me my phone’s battery was getting low, when I go to check it, it says 13% (it was at 30% about 1h ago). I went to check the battery drain curve, and I saw a sudden dip from nothing (as I’ve been spotting occasionally since the past two updates). I took a printscreen to post on WA, and just as I do, my phone dies (from 13%).

This is the curve before it died.

Then after I powered it back up (about 20 secs after it died) it gave me this curve.

Scrolling down to the battery usage showed nothing out of the ordinary and a malware scan came back clean as usual.

This is the curve from the second time that I caught it doing this. This was in May this year, it dropped 60% overnight while I was sleeping. And no, it wasn’t searching for a signal, my coverage here is pretty consistent.

The first time I caught it doing it was a couple of days before the above pic and it dropped slightly less, but it was still noticeable. This isn’t too common an occurrence, but it has me on edge. It has happened maybe 6-7 times over the past couple of months.

My friend said that android updates were made to deliberatley make your phone start acting oddly, bit by bit so that you just buy a new phone. I didn’t believe him at the time because I’ve had no issues, but I’m starting to think he might have a point.

At least my statement from the tech thread remains true.

  1. DELETE the freaking anti-virus sh*t. Not needed on Android (unless you’re installing lots of crap manually or attend porn sites).
  2. Use only native battery monitoring.
  3. Yes, updates exist to make you buy a new phone. Apple does the same and admitted it. So it does not matter on the OS.
  4. Make a settings reset after each update (Sams has just settings reset which allows you to skip factory reset. Afterwards, you will just need to re-install theme and passwords)



I do, it’s not an external app.

I’ll try it tomorrow. I’m still dealing with my laptop.


Make sure that you select the right option.

And good luck, Rob.
Hope, you will get your PC working properly.


Thanks, for the past couple of hours I’ve been trying to get it to boot into safe mode. My only way of getting to that stage for me is to crash windows through power button abuse. Holding shift and clicking the restart option from the lock screen doesn’t work. I got into it once before, but the option with networking wasn’t letting me connect to the wifi and I didn’t think to backup my files then. Now I just want to get in to do a backup.

Also does the reset delete apps or any data like music and pics or messages?


Factory one does. The settings reset does not. I made a back up to the pc just in case, though. Prefer to be sure.


Forgot to post here that it got even more cracked yesterday, told Pat already yesterday.


I’m seeing an increase in phone handles these days for some reason. I can’t for the life of my fathom out why anyone would have one in the first place. Just out of curiosity, do you guys have one on your phone? If yes, why?

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