My/her/his/your phone


Always welcomed!! Just replied your email! Busy buzzy :honeybee: . ! Sorry for late!!


these are mine :innocent:


Do not look at the :battery: percentage :joy::joy:


It was the first thing I saw :joy: Nice pics btw.


I love this coffee photo so much for some reason.


I loved it too!
Want it. Here you go dear! :smiley::smiley:

I told you not to! :joy::joy:


New home screen, lock screen and whatsapp background.


Smoothed it a little bit.
Might be better for a bg.


And already I have a new home screen.


[quote=“intheend, post:759, topic:12817, full:true”]
Alright guys… I got this new app that I am obsessed with. I don’t know if you guys ever heard of it, it’s called SweatCoin and you gets points for walking. Every 1k to 2k steps you get so much and can earn money to use on offers.[/quote]


I now have $240 points…


I’ll ask the obvious question, is this real or a scam? And even if its real, you probably have to have some kind of credit card right?


That’s my question too… also is it legal?because at this point all people would start to walk/run all day to earn money… :sweat_smile:


This, lol


No credit card. If you use a different mover and it expires it takes the points/cash out of the amount you gained on the app. You don’t even have to have the app open…that much I know if you are on a iPhone. Just sign it up with another app and let it go. It runs in the background and every 12 hours you’ll get one free point.

I don’t know if it does the amazon thing anymore, if so I can’t find it but yeah, it’s cool.


Any luck with the charger, @NickGr?


Should’ve mentioned that it was a little bit rusty - a few drops of water got in. So they haven’t changed it, just cleared the rust and it works just fine. They had to re-do the screen though because the right part wasn’t working on first sight. So yeah, phone works just fine


Timmy ;D

I’ve missed you ;-;


I’ve got nthg good this time… I’ll change my walls and post here later. I need to think of nice theme… :thinking:

Edit! I kept cityscapes!


First is background and second is lock screen


(slowly touches picture)