My/her/his/your phone


The S range isn’t perfect, mine’s had issues from day one, like the blasted notifications or the fact that these days, when I unlock it, it automatically goes to the weather 60% of the time. I just can’t get down with the prices Apple are asking for the technology they offer. To be honest, I’m not planning on changing my phone any time soon. We’ve come to the point where phone advancements are so minor that my S7 is still pretty top notch and your old 6 is still respectable. If your contract is running out and they’re offering you a new phone, that’s another thing, but even then, I turned down an S9 because I hate setting up phones.

That’s news to me.


The S7 is already too massive, I don’t want anything bigger, it punches holes in my pockets and more often than not, when somebody calls me, I accidentally hang up when I go to take it out of my pocket.


A point we agree on! :grin:
I used to upgrade almost yearly but now it’s pointless with them being so similar
I’m holding off until the holographic iPhone XV :crazy_face:


@framos1792 I can post a review in a few days, see how it goes!

@the_termin8r This is why iPhones are this expensive; because of the screen. If they had their own, they’d be way cheaper. I’ve had this phone for 3,5 years, declined upgrades before because, to be fair, it works perfectly fine. Absolutely nothing is wrong with it, but in the Apple world, it is considered very old so since I have the opportunity to upgrade now, I’m going for it. I will keep it for another 3-4 years.

I had my iPhone 4 for bloody 8 years! Like, that’s a lot :stuck_out_tongue: And it still works like a charm!


I’m holding off until I can get a minimum of 8GB RAM. LMAO :joy:

But seriously, until my phone becomes unusable, I’m not swapping. I had an S3m before the 7 and I only changed because that became too glitchy and unusable and I went through 2 batteries.

What an odd way to spell badge. :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt that. It’s just what they do, they charge that much because they know they can. It’s not just their phones.

That’s how it’s done.


Getting festive.


Wait…I thought you still had a iPhone 4


Not moving to a new iphone anytime soon. I still find it stupid that they would slow down old ones to make people cave to buy a new one. But my i7 is just fine. I did the thing when I had a i6 and then switched to a i7. But it’s meh to do that when a new one comes out later on.

But the new updates @.@ are so cool. Me likie

Anddddddddd my background pics are still the same :sunglasses:


Nah, got the 6 a few years back. As of today I have the XR.

Update: A few hours with the XR and I already miss the home button and Touch ID. But overall, I really like it. Camera and screen are amazing! And the size is actually pretty neat.


Yaaay! Nice. Actually, this guy has printed X-mas cards this year after confirming with me and he’s gonna send it to some of his followers. Of course, I got mentions.



I must he curse myself or something because now my phone is acting ridiculous. So much lag going on. My phone is freezing up and clicking on random things. Like what the heck?


That’s awesome. Congrats. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Check his pic:


Is Jerry an existing character? I thought you made him up. :stuck_out_tongue:


He is just a nice dino guy))


Yaaay!!! :tada: :tada: Congrats!!! :heart_eyes: :tada:


Congratulations :tada: :tada:


@evooba, how’s the new phone performing?


It’s great actually, very satisfied with it.
Size is good, I do enjoy the bigger screen and the camera is stunning. It’s way faster than my previous one, and barely needs to be charged(even with the use I do)