My/her/his/your phone


Someone who isn’t a hipster. :joy:

Didn’t think I’d need to define this. Luckily UD has a couple of rather eloquent entries.


I would ask who - being sane - throws away a good device to get a gadget.


That’s not my argument. You said you were pretending to be a hipster. I understood it as you trying to be one, but not being there yet.


is it sane if hipsters claim to be hipsters :rofl:


No, because they’re hipsters. I’m not sure we’re on the same page here.


I think i can keep this here too


isn’t it a knitting forum? ooops


Got this one as background. But i like yours a lot @lpfan61! Im gonna change to that one now and keep the other as background for my apps :grin:


Still using the ATS wallpaper


I just found out I can do this on my laptop. :joy: