My Iridescent Typography


Here’s a typography piece that I made in photoshop:

Here’s the full size:

I love the message in Iridescent and it inspired me to make this.

Let me know what you think.


thats amazing! nice work


now me get it :3
pretty cool. must of took u a while
a long time @,@


I love it :slight_smile: wow!


wow this is incredible!! Well done!! :slight_smile:


So cool,ready to use as my wallpaper :smiley:


wooow I love it.


wow that’s really great work! it goes well with the songs lyrics (;


Wow, this one is absolutely beautiful! You really caught a part of the essence of the song in this wallpaper!

Much respect to you!


This is really COOL! nice work! :smiley:


looks pretty cool ;D


Wow that is Awesome