My Linkin Park CD Collection


This is my collection of Linkin Park CDs. I now have all of the albums that I wanted to own, and I plan to add their newest album to it at some point.


No Reanimation?


Since I don’t really like the remixes, I wasn’t planning on getting that one or Recharged.


Reanimation’s worth it, it took a while, but Recharged is growing on me.


What do you mean by that?


Still pretty small thou :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got all the singles from Meteora and M2M

HT Meteora and Reanimation Vinyls
M2m Singles Vinyls
LPU7 and 9 CDs

And even then that’s still pretty small lmao


Writing Reanimation and Recharged in the same sentence should be considered a crime.
Reanimation is probably one of the best collaboration/remixes can get.


I like the original songs a lot more than the remixes, so I am not saying I hate them just that I prefer the studio album version of the tracks more. However, I do like the live versions of Crawling from Road to Revolution since the beginning of Krwlng was played in it. I also like P5hng Me A*wy from Live in Texas as well as One Step Closer since some of the lyrics from the remix are sung.


Cool, which one of these was your first?

I remember getting Meteora first, then Reanimation (which I had mistaken for HT, at first I was really disappointed to find out those were all remixes :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hybrid Theory was the first Linkin Park CD I ever owned. I originally had it without the case and booklet since my dad found it in a case that he bought which had a bunch of CDs in it without their booklets or original cases. I then bought my current copy of it off eBay a while ago since the old CD got scratched enough to where some of the songs wouldn’t play good or at all sometimes.