My Linkin Park Experience


So this is something new that I am trying. I normally never express any type of feelings on the ’ interweb’ so bare with me :slight_smile:

There’s very few things that bring me joy other than my son - Linkin Park is honestly the only person(s) that I can actually listen to 24/7 and still want more at the end of it.

Since around 2002 when I had first listened to Linkin Park - I had found Love. As weird as it may seem, or obsessive, annoying - however you want to call it. I fell completely in love with Linkin Park- or Chester’s voice- either or. ;).
My childhood friends remember me as the girl who played Linkin Park the entire night they slept over - I had a six CD changer and every CD was Linkin Park. I have always been self conscious about myself - I would worry about what clothes I wore, or how I wore my hair etc - Yet I stood tall and proud to blare your music to my entire block.

When I was 13 I went to a concert in Toronto, Ontario. Linkin Park was a lineup with multiple other bands. I had paid for two tickets - because that was the only way I could get one- Took a bus to Toronto from my home town - I had lied to my parents, so I would be able to go. If I had to do my life over again - I’d do the exact same thing in a second. I’ve been to a few concerts but no one could every compare to a Linkin Park concert.

You know it’s kind of funny… I love music, as much as anyone I’m sure. Though, Every time I listen to Linkin Park’s songs, or lets be honest, Chester’s wonderful voice along with the wonder music - There’s something about it that I can’t exactly describe. Anyone can make music - But there are very few people who can make you FEEL music. I believe Linkin Park has achieved that perfectly.

Though through bad personal choices, I had separated myself from everything I loved. I forgot how much music influenced my life, and helped me make it through every day challenges. I went through many years of depression and confusion. Then one day - I decided to have a day for ME. I listened to Linkin Park the entire day. Anything I could find about them, small music recordings, music clips, interviews, anything. I can honestly say - I’ve never been as happy as I have been after listening to Linkin Park.

It’s crazy how you can think that no can can influence you, or change who you are - When really all it can take is a song that can show you the meaning of life.

Thank you guys.



You’re so right, what you’re saying about how music can influence you. Hybrid Theory, Meteora and Reanimation pulled me through some really dark times because, I don’t know about you, but those albums made me feel not so alone. I found so much comfort in the lyrics, hearing the passion come through from Chester and Mike, it gave me a real sense that someone actually understands how I was feeling!
At the time I could hear myself thinking;
Yes Chester, I have become so bloody numb!
Yes Chester, I do want to be in another place, I hate being here!
Yes Mike, everyone feels so far away from me, I’m so alone!
I sound very emo I know, however at that time when you feel so dark and out of place…having that comfort of ‘maybe someone actually understands how I’m feeling’ really can help you get through it.

I’m not in that place anymore but still to this day, over a decade on, I still find comfort in those albums and in their new ones. Having now married a man who is just as in love with Linkin Park as me, I can finally share this passion with someone and I had never been able to of that before as all my friends were so, so different to me! However when it came to our wedding, we wanted out first dance song to be a Linkin Park one…We couldn’t find one :frowning:

I hope you’re in a better place, it’s nice to read your personal story.



The Messenger! Or maybe Give me your name by Dead by sunrise?


That’s exactly how i feel :heart:


Thanks guys. I’m not a very emotional person on the outside - I tend to keep it to myself. Though hearing Linkin Park’s new songs, I feel like I can relate to them so much it’s ridiculous.

It’s so awesome to have a community like this that is so supportive - I hope you all realize how wonderful LPU is and the all the greatness it can bring to you if you just let it in.



That’s an outstanding message. It made me feel exactly the same as I read every word… I am going to my first concert in the next month, and I feel so much anxiety that it doesn’t fit me anymore. I really hope to win the meet&greet opportunity, and if I win, it will be the best day of my entire life.